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Toyota Finance & Insurance

Toyota Finance & Insurance

Why wouldn't you get your finance from the same place you get your car?

We're here to help make car finance smarter, easier and more transparent.

In our video series, David Koch walks you through some general guidance on car finance.




Toyota Access

Guaranteed Future Value - Consumer Fixed Rate Car Loan

Toyota Access is a smart program that gives you an exceptional level of choice, confidence and flexibility when it comes to car finance, both now and in the future.

Key benefits include:

  • The assurance of fixed monthly payments
  • The certainty of a Guaranteed Future Value*
  • The flexibility to trade, keep or return your Toyota



Toyota's Consumer Fixed Rate Car Loan

Our Consumer Fixed Rate Car Loan gives you the security of a fixed interest rate for the term of your car loan plus the freedom to choose the term length, ranging from 1-7 years, helping you get into the car you want, today.

Key benefits include:

  • A fixed interest rate for the term of your car loan
  • Flexible car loan terms, ranging from 1-7 years
  • Financing of vehicles up to 7 years old

Toyota Novated Lease Program

Novated Leasing is a finance arrangement used with salary packaging, where your employer pays for your car finance and running costs directly from your salary.

Key benefits include:

  • Tax-effective financing through pre - and post-tax salary deductions
  • Control and flexibility - drive the car of your choice that suits your lifestyle
  • Convenient and cashless motoring - with the option to include all car running costs
  • Ask our Fleet team today

Toyota Insurance

Protect your Toyota and get you back on the road in no time. Plus, we give you the reassurance that repairs will be done using Toyota Genuine Parts made specifically to fit your Toyota.

Key benefits include:

  • Replacement with a new Toyota after a total loss
  • Quality repairs with Toyota Genuine Parts
  • Lifetime Repair Guarantee

To find out more, download the Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) here and the Premium, Excess and Claims Guide here.

Toyota Insurance no longer offers the following products to new customers. If you would like to learn more about these changes, please click on the product link:

Finance Gap Insurance 

Extended Warranty Insurance

Finance Protection Insurance


Just some of Melbourne City Toyota's advantages:

  • Toyota Access
  • Toyota Genuine Parts
  • Toyota Certified Advantage
  • Toyota Used Cars
  • Toyota Fleet Specialist
  • 5 Year Warranty