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Customer Spotlight: A Kluger love affair

Posted: 11/08/2021
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Toyota Kluger owner Rob Millar shares a testimonial spanning 18 years to date. Rob is a business owner and member of Old Scotch Football Club, proudly supported by Melbourne City Toyota. This heart-warming story penned by Rob himself was too good not to share. Enjoy!



By Rob Millar

For the past 18 years, I have been having a love affair with our corporate partner, Melbourne City Toyota. I was first introduced to Toyota by the footy club, and over the years our support for each other has grown. Like any young family, with the arrival of our third child we needed a bigger car, and my wife Kelly settled on the Kluger.

It’s funny how you associate cars you own with moments in your life, but I distinctly remember doing a summer holiday road trip to Kangaroo Island when my daughter was just 2 years old.

As silly as it may seem, Melbourne City Toyota are now part of our family. Not only have they travelled everywhere with us, their support for Old Scotch and ourselves has been fantastic, and not once have they let us down. In 2013, our relationship reached a higher level with the arrival of our next Kluger but this time it was my turn to take the keys.

Again, the Kluger has been front and centre in our life’s journey, transporting us to regattas, footy, interstate road trips and our growing passion for the great outdoors. But our love affair does not end here. Just recently I purchased our third Kluger from Melbourne City Toyota, and to celebrate this milestone, and our club’s Centenary, upgraded to the top of the range Grande.

Incredibly, each of these cars still remain in the same family.

Support plays an important role in our lives. It shows that you believe something is worth batting for. The result is: We all benefit. So next time you are in the buying or selling cycle for a Toyota, support the brand that supports Old Scotch, and let us all have a win.

Thank you Melbourne City Toyota for the ride!

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